Resources game has many resources, products, loot things which are required to produce other things or build factories, special buildings or upgrade HQ. Finding out how they depend on each other can be complicated. That's why I (with help from few other players) spent some time on creating dependency charts.

Production and recycling

  1. what is needed to produce something
  2. what is created on recycling something


  1. building factories
  2. building special buildings
  3. building hq
  4. all above in one graph

Different colours are used for resources, products, loot. And misc shapes for buildings, factories, HQ.

Current prices

  1. Table of current prices
  2. Table of current production costs
  3. Table of current recycling costs (for L10 recycling centre)


As I stopped playing Resources there will be no updates to this page.
Updated scrap metal recycling calculations.
Fixed recycling costs calculations.
Added missing special buildings (Service center and HR department).
Re-added links to tables with production and recycling costs.
Split graphs for factories, special buildings and hq into separate ones. Also added missing special buildings.
Thanks to jquery.graphviz.svg nodes in graphs are clickable - easier to spot what is needed for what
Table with prices (data refreshed every 15 minutes)
New domain:
Marked "Rough diamonds" as resource (was loot before)

About author

I play Ingress for over 2 years as "hrw" and some time ago local players shown me Resources game. So I created "Herw Corp" and decided to check will it be interesting. Ended playing at 341 day.

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